Get to know Laura!

Who is Laura when she isn’t singing you ask?

Loves to explore new restaurants and try new foods! She is a big fan of her air fryer too though.

Loves to eat Japanese food

Will go on a hike but prefers a high energy spin class

Huge Philadelphia Eagles Football Fan

Mom to Molly (Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Bulldog Mix) and Kipling (Orange Tabby/Maine Coon Mix)

Listens to a lot of Podcasts- Mostly True Crime and Comedy DND Podcasts. Laura doesn’t play DND, but she enjoys them for the acting and the comedy.

Photo was taken a live recording of the podcast, “Hey Riddle Riddle”.

Loves to read in spare time- particularly thrillers with a mystical/fantastical element

The Sundown Hotel isn’t Laura’s FAVORITE book, but it’s a great example of the types of books she likes. She has a different favorite book depending on how she’s feeling that day.

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